Where are you from ترجمه

43 از 5 – 114 رای. This is perfectly understandable and you can say this if you prefer - Id still suggest the other way though

    سوق السب ت خميس مشيط
  1. ما هو موطنك
  2. ما گذاشتیم تا آب بالا بیاد
  3. See also: whereas, whereat, whereby, wherein
  4. 3
  5. A little
  6. My Name is Masoume Assadian
  7. ] city, you know, one of the largest cities in my country
  8. (どちらの しゅっしん ですか?
  9. 애초부터 신경 건들지 말고 그냥 가줘
  10. Okay, all right, remember where you are
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